Thursday, June 25, 2009

our evening in Manali - DAY 01

chida rocks!

so does crouchy!!!

this is our dinner :-) yeah!

crouchy catches up with his misses, telling her how cool the temperature is in Manali :)

i needed this time out

needed this time out of delhi... out of 45 degrees

glad am with my mates up in the mountains in manali

photo: Graham Crouch

lost and found

how bizarre is this eh!

lost tooth vs lost person

on the road again...

this time in Manali...

enroute to Leh.

13 and a hours of drive from Delhi

started at 0500h and reached Manali at 1930h,

through heat and dust, into absolute paradise

headed straight into a pretty hotel and dashed for trout!

day in Manali has been great so far...

crouchy shopping..

suzanne training a mountain dog...

packing early in the morning (half past 4) at crouhy's

suzanne orders a BIG bottle of beer for the american!

the post dinner apple bit!

ganja :-)

after ganja :-)

don't mess with a man with a guard dog!

chida and his new sleeping bag

suzanne and scott at the drifters' in old manali

suzanne training dipper, the mountain dog

suzanne has trained yet another dog :-)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

north east..

...insanely beautiful hills.
caught in the crossfire between two different tribal groups.
i was there, in North Cachar Hills
this is what i got.